Beginning Jazz

This class offers basic jazz technique and encourages students' originality. Appropriate for ages 6-12.

Intermediate Jazz

This is a step up from Beginning Jazz. Students increase technique while learning more complex combinations.

Advanced Intermediate Jazz

This is our highest level of jazz and incoorperates leaps, turns and rolls.

~Class Descriptions~

Hip Hop

Level I

This is an introduction to Hip Hop. Students locking, popping, and freezes.

Level II

This level encourages personal expression while teaching the art of Hip Hop. The choreography used in this class is more intricate and advanced.


Because we understand that ballet is an intricate art, we have provided a more extensive list of class descriptions to help you select the best setting for your child. If you are unsure what level is appropriate, please contact Ms. Joni.

Beginning Ballet

This class focuses on following directions, learning left from right, and basic ballet technique. Appropriate for ages 3-5.

Level I

This class builds on Beginning Ballet. Students continue to learn basic ballet technique and increase range of motion, strength, and coordination. Appropriate for ages 5-7.

Level II

This class requires a greater level of discipline. Students are introduced to terminology and classical ballet positions.

Level III

This class is designed for students who have at least two to three years of dance experience. The physicality and endurance required of a dancer is introduced.

Level IV & V

In this class students learn more complex combinations and strengthening their feet for pointe work.

Level VI

Students in this level are working on pointe technique, more extensive choreography, and greater flexablity.

Advanced Ballet

This class is for the advanced student. This level is fast paced and challenges the mind and body.

Modern Ballet

Modern offers more free movement and expressive choreography than classical ballet. This class is a wonderful compliment to classical training as a means to expand the student's creativity.

Adult Ballet

Adult is a classical ballet class geared toward adult students who have never taken a ballet class, who hove been out of the art for a time, or those looking to hone their skills. This class is a fabulous work out for your mind, as well as your body. Adult ballet will challenge experienced dancers and make ballet accessible and achievable for beginners in a welcoming, mentoring environment.